In the 90th we owned the Swedish wine import company Via Domitia, which was specialized on Languedoc wine. Now, as retired and living in Languedoc, we are still interested in wine and have the opportunity to have our former producers nearby and also to explore many new vine-yards. We like to share that experience with you in this guide.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


CAVECOOPERATIVE DE EMBRES ET CASTELMAURE -  4, route des Canelles 11360 Embres & Castelmaure

In the twin-villages Embres et Castelmaure you will find one of the top cave cooperative in the region of Corbières. They a widely known for a quality that you normally only find from producers that control their wine in every step.

All wines from the most inexpensive to their prestige wine Cuvée No 3 are made in the most careful way. We found a forgotten 7 years old bottle of the most inexpensive wine last year and it was absolutely perfectly matured despite its age. My favorite is mostly their La Grand Cuvée, while Cuvée No 3 is a bit too expensive at a prize of just under 20 euros. These wines can easily be saved for 10+ years, but it is not necessary. Cuvée Pompadour is another wine that I think is best to drink not to old, but that is only due to my taste. These wines are red, but they also have a selection of white and rosé wines.

An interesting thing is that the wine-shop has a tasting automate for visitors. You get a glass and let you test the wine by yourself. Every wine is displayed and you have a choice of three buttons – one for a little drop, one a bit larger and one quite large amount. There is always a person present so you can discuss the wine or ask questions if you like. I like it as you can taste in your one pace and the person behind the counter can help more people if needed.

The whole place is fairly newly renovated and unlike most wine-shops in the area it has a very modern style and so have all boxes, labels, and other items in the shop including their web-site.

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