In the 90th we owned the Swedish wine import company Via Domitia, which was specialized on Languedoc wine. Now, as retired and living in Languedoc, we are still interested in wine and have the opportunity to have our former producers nearby and also to explore many new vine-yards. We like to share that experience with you in this guide.

Friday, May 24, 2013


DOMAINE LA MADELEINE SAINT JEAN - Rue Edouard Adam, Port rive gauche, 34340 Marseillan

If you visit Noilly Prat in Marseillan and want to buy some  wine to drink with your dinner this vine-yard is a good choice. The vine-yard produces a big selection of wine of red, white and rosé. We are very fond of their red wines, but they also produce a number of variety wines, especially white.

As our local wines in Corbières are quite powerful it is nice to get a few cases of something smother that goes well with more spicy dishes.

 The wines are very affordable and prize-worthy. Most of the wines are produced as Vdp d’Oc. 

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