In the 90th we owned the Swedish wine import company Via Domitia, which was specialized on Languedoc wine. Now, as retired and living in Languedoc, we are still interested in wine and have the opportunity to have our former producers nearby and also to explore many new vine-yards. We like to share that experience with you in this guide.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


SARL VIGNOBLES ROGER - Château du Prieure des Mourgues, 34360 Pierrerue

We met this producer the first time when we still were in the wine business. The son had just graduated as oenologue (wine maker) and had made his first wine – a Merlot - that impressed a lot on us. It became later a favorite in selected Swedish restaurants.

Today the son is in charge of the business and has developed a small but excellent portfolio of wine. They produce the most beautiful variety wines on Merlot, Viogner, Chardonnay and also one with a mixture of Chardonnay and Viogner, which is very pleasant. These wines are sold under the brand name of Domaine des Aspes and are Vdp d’Oc wines, while the traditional AOP Saint Chinian wine is sold under the label of Château du Prieure des Mourgues. The red prestige wine Grand Reserve is really something to pick up and put into your cellar to forget about for a few years.


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