In the 90th we owned the Swedish wine import company Via Domitia, which was specialized on Languedoc wine. Now, as retired and living in Languedoc, we are still interested in wine and have the opportunity to have our former producers nearby and also to explore many new vine-yards. We like to share that experience with you in this guide.

Monday, May 27, 2013


 DOMAINE CHATEAU PIERRE GUILLAUME - 1 Montée du Château, 11200 Tournissan

We jumped into this vine-yard by accident. We were in the little village Tournissan just south of Carcasson and it was lunch time. We saw this signe from a wine producer who also offered food. The little restaurant was located just beneath Château Pierre Guillaume. It was just a small caveau with a few tables and a little garden with a view that could be more exiting.

Exciting was however the owner who came out and told us about his restaurant enthusiastically. He had started a cooperation with a young star chef that prepared a selection of gourmet dishes in advance as "sous vide". The only thing they did in the restaurant was to heat it up, present it and serve a selected glass of their own wine production to every dish.

The food and wine was excellent and the service could not be more friendly. We enjoyed it and returned a couple of weeks later to buy some of his excellent wine and have lunch. We were esoecially impressed by the Pinot Noire, but the other wines were also excelent.

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